Positive Grounds

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A brand-new company with an inspiring mission, Positive Grounds is making great strides in the world of motivational footwear. That’s right, their socks are manufactured with inspirational quotes, words of encouragement, and adorable graphics. All that was missing was a digital store from which to sell them.

SiteWon stepped up to the challenge, designing and developing a custom e-commerce website with a shopping cart functionality. Not only can customers browse socks, shirts, and stickers on the site, but they can also view multiple close-up images of the products, read reviews, and share on social media.

But wait - this e-commerce powerhouse has more to offer users, in the form a subtle pop-up in the bottom left corner. Visit the site and you’ll quickly realize how much customers LOVE these socks. Each time a pair is purchased the site notifies users - even including which product they purchased - and when a user leaves a review, that pops up as well. Why tell your customers how great you are, when your other customers will do it for you?

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