Getting Started With SiteWon

How does SiteWon work?

At SiteWon, we build custom websites. When a new client signs up, we custom design a unique website that most fits their business and the brand, following a thorough review of any existing digital assets (website, social media, etc.). We update the new website to suit the new client and present it to them. The client provides feedback which we implement, and then we work together to launch the site. Our team continues to support your website under our ongoing monthly SiteCare plan.

How do I get started with SiteWon?

Simply review and sign up for the Plan that fits your business needs. Sit tight while we review your brand and the details you provide. We will then contact you and get you started with our no-hassle, quick turnaround process.

Can I build an ecommerce website store with SiteWon?

Yes, we offer both traditional informative WordPress websites as well as ecommerce websites complete with shopping cart, checkout, and shipping/handling options. For ecommerce capabilities, please fill out the Contact Form to request a quote as the e-commerce site is considered as an add-on.

How much can I customize my SiteWon website?

After we present our initial draft to you, you submit all of your feedback at one time, in one list. We will implement changes within the scope of work.

Technical Domain Details

How can I access support from within my SiteWon website?

SiteWon utilizes a support ticketing system for logged in users, and our friendly chatbot has been carefully trained in-house to respond with helpful information and resources for all visitors to the site, logged in or not.

Can I use my domain name already registered with GoDaddy or another company?

Yes, we are able to easily bring your domain name over to your new website.

Is email hosting available?

No, at this time SiteWon does not offer this service.

Managing SiteWon Website

Can I use my existing website content?

Yes, SiteWon’s development team will assist in migrating your content from the old site to the new.

Can I update the web pages myself?

No, in order to keep our operation simple and prevent user-error, our customers simply contact Support for any changes. The SiteWon team will take care of your content changes as part of our SiteCare package.

Are multilingual options available?

Yes, this service is available. Additional fees may apply.

Infrastructure & Hosting

Can I host my SiteWon website myself?

No, SiteWon will host the website.

Can SiteWon provide a full backup of my website files?

No, SiteWon does not provide full backups of website files.

Does SiteWon host my domain?

Yes, we will host your new website on our secure servers.

Does SiteWon guarantee 100% “Up” time (no server outages)?

Nobody can guarantee 100% “Up” time, but SiteWon has an excellent track record. Our servers are monitored 24/7 both by the SiteWon Infrastructure team.

We do have planned downtime events for important upgrades, but these will be short in duration and conducted during off-peak hours. Unexpected events can occur, but are rare and quickly resolved.

Does SiteWon support SSL?

Yes, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is enabled by default for every website. This is mandatory for SiteWon and is included within the SiteCare package. This layer of security prevents unwelcome intruders from accessing your website.


What happens to my website if I cancel my agreement with SiteWon?

We do not provide backups of websites, and our agreement is comparable to a lease. As you are leasing your website from SiteWon, canceling your agreement relinquishes proprietary rights back to SiteWon.

What is included in the cost?

SiteWon offers three payment plans for your convenience: Essential, Growth, and Premium.

Essential Package: Get started with 5 custom-designed web pages including Home, About, Services/Products, Gallery, Contact.

Growth Package: Grow with a content-rich website for your business, including a blog and up to 5 additional content-rich pages.

Premium Package: Boost your business with an enhanced, search-engine optimized website including up to 10 additional content-rich pages.

A La Carte Addons: Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Online Payments, Membership Tiers. Please contact us for pricing.

Ongoing Monthly SiteCare Plan ($175/month):

  • ✔ Custom Homepage Design
  • ✔ Dedicated Project Manager
  • ✔ Responsive Design
  • ✔ Google Analytics Tracking
  • ✔ Free SSL Certificate
  • ✔ Image Sourcing & Licensing
  • ✔ Page Copywriting
  • ✔ Content Migration Assistance
  • ✔ Reliable Hosting
  • ✔ Security Updates & Patches
  • ✔ Secured Daily Backups
  • ✔ Video Hosting
  • ✔ Security Monitoring

Where is SiteWon located?

Coastal Virginia, U.S.A.

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